Welcoming the New and Improved Billi + CO

You may have noticed some slight changes to Billi + CO recently. I have decided to move in a different direction with my small business. Well, it's not that much of a change, but it aligns more with my passion. I have decided to step back from gift boxes, and focus on all things for mumma and for littles.


I know how important it is for mummas to be prepared during their pregnancy, for the labour and birth, and in their post part recovery. I wanted to create a space where mummas can find beautiful, local, and Australian products to support them through this chapter in their life. The products have been carefully selected by myself, and are items that I have used throughout my pregnancy and motherhood journey. 


It's also so important to give our children the best start to life. That's why you'll find a range of products to support your little from birth and beyond. The collections I have for your littles are all products that I have used myself, or would be happy using at any stage of Billi's life. 


Billi + CO continues to have a strong focus on supporting small, local, and Australian businesses. You will find most of our products are handmade or created by small business. Some products you will be familiar with from larger companies. I will always aim to support small and local where possible. 


Being environmentally friendly is and always will be at the forefront of my business. All orders will continue to be packaged in reused materials that I receive our orders in. I will never purchase plastic coverings or bubblewrap, however I will certainly reuse what we receive our orders in. Boxes and cardboard are also reused, so if you're thinking "Oh, this box looks used." Well, it probably is! And I pride myself on that. The sticky tape used is also environmentally friend and can be composted.


I am always looking for the next product or brand to support. If you have any feedback or requests, I  am more than happy to have a lovely conversation with you.


Thank you for your support. Whether you have purchased from Billi + CO, have shared our products or social media to your friends and family, or simply liked or comments in any of our posts, it all helps.

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